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Languedoc AOCs The Languedoc AOCs, symbol and fruit of the land of the South of France

Languedoc AOCs

The Languedoc wine producing region mainly covers three departments, from the Aude, the Herault to the Gard and now even extends as far as the Eastern Pyrenees with the new regional Languedoc AOC appellation.  Within this geographical area there are 18 controlled origin appellations covering a total surface of 40,000 ha.  As we have already seen, such a large area must create a wide diversity of land each with their own soils, climates and grapes; individual combinations resulting in very unique wines.  There are many differences between the strong forts of the Pyrenees and the Massif Central and the pleasant coast of the Mediterranean.

For 30 years, the Languedoc AOCs have made significant efforts to restructure the winegrowing region in order to guarantee quality and authenticity for increasingly demanding consumers.  The CIVL, a new joint trade organisation created in 1994, has structured and organised the appellations of natural sweet wines, sparkling wines and still wines with a strategy covering all of Languedoc and was proud to create a Languedoc AOC regional appellation in 2007.  This appellation, a reference base for all Languedoc AOCs, was created by the formation of upstream and downstream partnerships and would help redefine the quality of all the appellations within a regional framework and provide better readability for consumers.

This restructuring of the offer, simpler and more accessible, would help develop the Languedoc AOCs for export.  Sharing of resources between four joint trade organisations and the Languedoc-Roussillon region, under one common and geographical brand-name, Sud de France, will help all of the wine producers of this region to present a product that is a symbol of modernity, diversity, identity and the Mediterranean art of living.  This is an important regional investment and a new challenge for Languedoc AOC companies and producers.

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