Cabardès AOC - Languedoc Wines

Cabardès AOC Vent d'Est, vent d'Ouest

Président Miren DE LORGERIL
Tél. 33 (0)4 68 24 67 63 

Appellation area

There are no less than six rivers irrigating the slopes of this amphitheatre built right up against the Montagne Noire.  Facing south, this area dominates the city of Carcassonne.


The Cabardès slopes, along the Fresquel and the Trapel, are covered with limestone rocks helping to keep the ground cool.  Moving up the hills, the principal stone is granite, then schist and gneiss.


Exposed to easterly and westerly winds, this area is the meeting place of two climates, the soft influence of the Atlantic and the heat of the Mediterranean.  These soils are at between 100 and 350 m above sea level.


40 % minimum of Atlantic grapes: Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet franc,
40 % minimum of Mediterranean grapes: Syrah, Grenache 20 % maximum of Cot, Fer Servadou and Cinsaultt.


Red: this wine strives for subtlety and concentration using long wine production processes followed by a complex assemblage.

Development strategy

The area uses the press and the media to develop the reputation of the appellation.  The strategy involves traders using strategic point of purchase advertising.

Key figures

  • 550 hectares of vineyards
  • 3 cooperative wine producers
  • 18 private wine producers

Average yield

  • 50 hectolitres/hectare


  • 20 000 hectolitres
  • 85% red
  • 15% rosé
  • 90% sold at property or château, bottled on site


  • 20 000 hectolitres
  • Export : 9 000 hl