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AOC Corbières AOC Corbières, fruits de 1300 créateurs

Syndicat de l'AOC Corbières
2 bis chemin de l'allée -
BP 1 F.11200 Boutenac
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Appellation areaFrom the gates of Carcassonne to the former island of Leucate, from the first buttresses of the Pyrenees to the foot of the Montagne Noire, the Corbières cover a vast quadrilateral bearing the scars of geological upheaval.

GeologyThe tectonic upheaval of the region explains the coexistence of layers from different time periods of the earth.  The majority of soil is a mix of clay and sand with variations according to the land: red sandstone in Boutenac, stony terraces in Lezignan, grey calcareous clay at Queribus and Servies, schistes in the higher zones of the Corbieres and coral limestone at the edge of the Mediterranean.

ClimateDominated by Mediterranean influence, vegetation to the east is typical of the Garrigue, some land more to the west is influenced by the ocean climate.

GrapesFor red wines and rosés,  Carignan 50 % maximum, Syrah, Black Grenache, Mourvedre, Lledoner Pelut and Cinsault (20 % for red wines, 70 % for rosés). For the white wines, Bourboulenc, White Grenache, Maccabeu, Clairette, Marsanne, Roussanne, Rolle or Vermentino. Terret blanc, Picquepoul and Muscat (maxi 10 %).

VinificationRed:traditional destalked fermentation or whole berry vinification. Roséby saignée or direct pressing. White : traditional vinification, skin maceration, (vinification in barrels for certain wines).

Development strategyThe goals of this appellation are to search particular orientations and to develop winegrowing that is more respectful of the land, of the environment, of the plant itself and man. At the same time, we must treasure our heritage by a communication based on a quality identity and develop wine tourism around image and reputation. The development of a strong partnership between winegrowers and opinion leaders is required to bring the Corbieres to the top of the different distribution circuit in France and abroad.

AppellationLands: Mediterranean Corbieres, Terroir de Durban, Terroir de Fontfroide, Terroir des Hautes-Corbières, Terroir de lagrasse, Terroir de Lézignan, Terroir de la Montagne d’Alaric, Terroir de Ribaute, Terroir.

Key figures (Average over 3 years)

  • 13 500 hectares declared
  • 2 206 producers
  • 33 cooperative wine producers
  • 289 private wine producers

Average yield

  • 44,56 hectolitres/hectare

Average production (last 3 years)

  • 554 000 hectolitres


  • 587 000 hectolitres (storehouse outputs 2005/06)
  • General Distribution : 180 000 hl (31%)
  • Export : 150 500 hl (26%)