Faugères AOC - Languedoc Wines

AOC Faugères Nature schiste

Présidente Nathalie CAUMETTE
4, rue de la Poste
F.34600 Faugères
Tél. 33 (0)4 67 23 47 42
Fax. 33 (0)4 67 23 43 07

Appellation area
To the north of Beziers and Pezenas, a territory of 2000 ha lies propped against the first buttresses of the Cevennes 300 m high.

This is a land of schistes produced by compression during the formation of the Massif Central, clays created from marine deposits of the Palaeozoic era.  Soils are quite permeable, not very fertile and considerably acidic.

Mediterranean, dry and mild.  The vineyards are south facing.

Traditional vinification and stripping for red wines.  Depending on the vintage, carbonic maceration for the Carignan. 5/6 days to 20/25 days in vats for vintages to be aged.  Gradual maturing in oak barrels. For the rosé wines, saignée and direct pressing and increasingly used skin maceration. Standard vinification for young white wines and more developed vinification for wines with an ageing potential.

Development strategy
Carefully considered cultivation and environmental protection: development of reasonable winegrowing (limited inputs, the respect of natural balances and of the land).  An effort has been made to increase sales at the winecellars by the development of a wine tourism strategy.  Today, the first vintages of the revived Fine de Faugères are becoming available after five years of ageing.

Key figures

  • 1 943 hectares of vineyards
  • 150 producers
  • 1 cooperative wine producers
  • 57 private wine producers

Average yield

  • 32,5 hectolitres/hectare

Average production

  • 63 096 hectolitres (84% red, 14% rosé , 2% white)


  • 56 000 hectolitres (storehouse ouputs 2005/06)
  • General Distribution : 24 000 hl (43%)