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AOC Languedoc Sommières

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« Sommières » is the AOC Languedoc’s most easterly vineyard. Rooted in the far  north-east of the AOC Languedoc area,  ‘Sommières is the only Appellation zone based entirely in the Gard.  It forms a circle of some 20 kilometres in diameter to the west of Nîmes and is crossed by the Vidourle river.

The climate

The ‘Sommières’ terroir enjoys a Mediterranean climate with wide temperature variations; the gusty Mistral wind is responsible for the incredible sunshine. There are strong sea breezes too, with squalls reaching the Cevennes.

Types of soil

AOC ‘Sommières’ land parcels originate in the secondary and tertiary eras. There are hard and soft limestone pebbles, as well as calcerous clay, scree covered slopes and silica based clay.

En chiffres

Superficie en production : 1 971 ha

Aire de production : 18 communes situées dans le Gard Nombre de producteurs :

  • 18 caves particulières
  • 3 caves coopératives


  • Production annuelle : 7 858 hl en AOC
  • Rendement maximum : 45 hectolitres par hectare
  • Couleur produite : rouge