Limoux AOC - Languedoc Wines

AOC Limoux Petit cru pour grands vins...

Président Jean FAU
Directeur Richard PLANAS
20, avenue du Pont de France
F.11300 Limoux
Tél. 33 (0)4 68 31 12 83
Fax. 33 (0)4 68 31 03 06

Appellation area
25 km to the south of Carcassonne, nestled in the upper valley of the Aude between the Chalabrais plateau to the west and the Lecamp plateau to the east and sheltered by the Pyrenees, this appellation area is quite homogenous and encompasses 41 communities.

The southern hills reserved for this appellation are covered with a combination of light and stony argilo-calcareous soils.

The natural protection on three sides of the appellation area limits the maritime influences giving it an oceanic, Mediterranean climate.

Blanquette: Mauzac (90 % mini), Chenin and Chardonnay.
Crémant: Chardonnay (40% mini) Chenin (20 % mini), Chardonnay + Chenin (90% maxi).
Secondary grapes: Mauzac + Pinot Noir (20% maxi), Pinot noir (10% maxi)
Limoux white (still wine): Mauzac (mini 15 %), Chardonnay, Chenin.
Limoux rouge (still wine): Merlot (50% mini), Cot, Syrah grenache (30% mini), Carignan (10%
Blanquette, ancestral method: 100 % Mauzac.

Blanquette and Crémant : after an initial fermentation, the basic wines for each grape are extracted and assemblage begins. A racking liquor is added to begin a second fermentation process in the bottle.  The wine is allowed to froth.  After nine months of storage, existing deposits are eliminated then an expeditious liquor is added giving the wine its dry or extra rich character.  The bottle is then definitively corked.  The Crément is stored for at least 12 months on slats and sold 15 months after it is bottled.
Blanquette Méthode Ancestrale : completely natural fermentation, bottled during the descending moon at the end of March, less than 7° of alcohol.
Limoux blanc : vinification and ageing in oak barrels.
Limoux rouge : classic long-term vinification.

Dévelopment strategy
A diverse strategy corresponds to the variety of products. The Blanquette is being aimed at a younger clientele with the “Le Brut Originel” campaign. Work in the direction of the CHR and General distribution area has intensified.  Developments have been made to reach younger consumers with the Ancestrale (ancestral method) given its low alcohol content of less than 7°.

Lands: Terroir d’Autan, Terroir Méditerranéen, Terroir Océanique, Terroir de la Haute Vallée

Key figures

  • 1 800 hectares declared
  • 400 producers
  • 2 cooperative wine producers
  • 24 private wine producers
  • 8 trade houses

Average yield

  • 40 hectolitres/hectare (sparkling)


  • Blanquette de Limoux 40 000 hl
  • Crémant de Limoux 30 000 hl
  • Blanquette Méthode Ancestrale 4 000 hl
  • Limoux (still wine)
  • White 5 000 hl
  • Red 2 800 hl


  • 9 millions bottles (storehouse outputs 2006)
  • General Distribution: 26% Export: 25%