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Les IGP Sud de France

The Protected Geographical Indication, which complies with European regulations, is not just a quality mark - it also symbolises a deep-rooted connection with a particular region. This in turn is reflected in the environmental stewardship to which wine growers are committed, via measures in favour of biodiversity and the enhancement of local landscapes and architectural heritage, for example. Ensuring the long-term future of an IGP and a region’s existence also involves community spirit; it is a story written by the wine growers who live off the land. Hence, we have chosen to centre each of our designations on its characteristic focal point: heritage sites, places of natural beauty and stories of men and women. Although wine growers entitled to produce PGI wines have a distinctive creative spirit, their wines undeniably share a family likeness and the same authenticity. Many of them are blends, some of them astonishing combinations. Growers willingly pair international grape varieties with local grapes because they have a degree of loyalty to traditional varieties - Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache… - which are well-suited to the Mediterranean climate, but have also embraced new varieties such as Marselan and Caladoc. The wines, including rosés which are gaining market share currently in France and abroad, are well worth discovering. Protected Geographical Indication wines, which combine authenticity and creativity, are just setting out on their journey and there is every likelihood that it will be an eventful and exciting one!