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Haute Vallée de l’Orb A land of wine and water

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1 rue de la République - 34600 Bédarieux

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A land of wine and water Rising to elevations of 1,000 metres, Mount Espinouse and the Caroux mountain range tower over this long valley which wends its way South as far as Roquebrun, a village famed for its orange trees and mimosa. From East to West, the climate ranges from Mediterranean to Oceanic in influence. This diversity, coupled with varied geological formations, promotes an exceptional number of plant species living side by side. The river Orb forms a huge comma-like shape along the mountain foothills, from Avène to Saint Martin de l’Arçon. The area surrounding Olargues is home to one of the largest cherry orchards in Europe, located beneath the belt of an extremely widespread breadfruit tree, the chestnut. In Summer, Mounts Caroux and Espinouse offer cool temperatures and unique woodland walks: mushrooming and picking wild raspberries and blueberries are a good excuse for a hike and for those who stumble upon a group of mouflon or wild boar, the memories will last a lifetime. Wine growers in the Haute Vallée de l’Orb have successfully developed extremely aromatic red, rosé and white wines on a boutique scale, making them even more compelling. Sold mainly at the cellar door, they play a special part in the development of the economy and wine tourism in this land of legends, at the foot of the ‘recumbent woman’, the name given to Mount Caroux. 

4 000 hl 

2 Co-operative wineries 

11 Independent wineries