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Vallée du Paradis

Maison des Vignerons

Zac Bonne Source - 22 rue Ernest Cognacq

BP 40527 - 11105 Narbonne Cedex

04 68 90 22 29

The vineyards here extend over 12 villages, separated from the Mediterranean and the lakes of Leucate and Sigean by a chain of limestone hills, in the heart of the Corbières mountain range.  Mankind lived here from a very early date. A few Greek merchants ventured into the area but the Romans were the first to take a real interest in it, not to plant vines which thrived in the plains of Narbonne, but to tap into its rich iron resources. Later on, the coastal river that runs through it - the Berre - lent its name to a battle between the Francs and the Umayyads, marking the decline of Arab presence in Septimania. Its name is linked to lots of legends and stories, particularly one telling of how an epidemic decimated livestock in the plains yet miraculously spared the valley, which thus became known as the Vallée du Paradis or Paradise Valley. It was totally landlocked until a proper road was opened, linking it to the coast. At the end of the 19th century, the highway paved the way for the development of agriculture and wine growing would become the main crop. Nevertheless, the Vallée du Paradis remained unspoilt and its landscapes and footpaths attract lovers of holidays in the country. Wine tourism has been particularly successful and by welcoming ‘wine of the angels’ enthusiasts, many wine growers have boosted its reputation still further. 

9 000 hl 

3 Co-operative wineries 

12 Independent wineries