VALLÉE DU TORGAN - Languedoc Wines

Vallée du Torgan

Maison des Vignerons 

Zac Bonne Source - 22 rue Ernest Cognacq 

BP 40527 -11105 Narbonne Cedex 

+33 (0)4 68 90 22 29 - Fax : +33 (0)4 68 90 22 23

This is the region’s smallest local designation and it is set in two villages - Paziols and Tuchan - in a valley in the heart of the Corbières. Approximately 30 kilometres from the Mediterranean, East of the Corbières mountain range, the Vallée du Torgan’s vineyards extend over the foothills of Mount Tauch. It owes its name to a stream, which rises at the foot of the mountain and although often tranquil, it has been known to rage.  Towering over the vineyards is the silhouette of Aguilar castle which was reputedly Cathar, but more importantly played a part in the war between Charles V and Francis I for the control of Roussillon. It was too small to be properly defended and therefore changed hands with every battle. The geological history of the area has given rise to myriad soil types: schist in the North; limestone or sandstone colluvium at the foot of the Tauch; Triassic marl; and pebble conglomerates on high ground in Paziols and East of Tuchan. The size of the demarcated area and development of cultural heritage tourism with tours of the Cathar castles, enable growers to design Vallée du Torgan wines geared to cellar door sales. 

2 900 hl 

1 Co-operative winery 

6 Independent wineries