COTEAUX DE PEYRIAC - Languedoc Wines

Coteaux de Peyriac Between the Canal du Midi and the Montagne Noire

Maison du Minervois

35, quai des Tonneliers - 11200 Homps

04 68 27 80 00

This area forms a diamond shape with Carcassonne in the West, Homps in the East along the Canal du Midi, Caunes-Minervois in the North and the dry lakebed of Marseillette in the South. The Coteaux de Peyriac stretch over 24 districts straddling two departments (22 in Aude and 2 in Hérault) in the heart of the Minervois. They form the central part of this region which is crossed by the rivers Clamoux and Argent Double, both tributaries of the Aude. The area is bordered in the South by the Canal du Midi, a Unesco heritage site. The Black Mountain forms the boundary in the North and is home to the village of Caunes-Minervois which is famous for the red marble used to build the Château of Versailles and the Paris Opera House. The region has historically been a crossing point between the Toulouse side of the Midi and Languedoc. Its strategic location allows it to attract large numbers of visitors on a regular basis to its wine festivals and events focusing on local specialities such as rice from Lake Marseillette. Growers within the Coteaux de Peyriac PGI area can therefore realistically expect to achieve their goal of moving into the mid-range category, catering for wine merchants, eateries and cellar door sales, after being considered an entry-level product for many years. 

48 000 hl 

8 Co-operative wineries

 23 Independent wineries