CÔTES DE THONGUE - Languedoc Wines

Côtes de Thongue

1 avenue de Roujan 34480 Pouzolles

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Vineyards here are planted in 23 districts located within a triangle formed by FaugèresPézenas-Béziers, in the watershed area of the river Thongue from which the designation takes its name. It wends its way through a chain of low-lying hills, giving the setting its own unique charm. Most of the vineyards are planted between 50 and 100 m above sea level and enjoy the full effects of the Mediterranean climate. The area also has a particularly rich architectural heritage, boasting not only large 19th-century wine estates but also 13th-century castles like the one in Margon or the Romanesque tower in Puissalicon, built in the Lombard style. Since the designation was created, constant efforts have been made to improve quality, both in terms of vineyard management and varietal range. As a logical next step, wine growers have launched an ambitious project aimed at measuring biodiversity. As members of the growers’ organisation, they can conduct an in-depth review of their estates and thereby improve viticultural techniques in order to better protect the environment. 

55 000 hl 

4 Co-operative wineries 

48 Independent wineries