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Le Pays Cathare

Maison des Vignerons 

Zac Bonne Source - 22 rue Ernest Cognacq 

BP 40527 - 11105 Narbonne Cedex 

+33 (0)4 68 90 22 29 - Fax : +33 (0)4 68 90 22 23

This area extends from the shores of the Mediterranean to the most northerly vineyards of the Aude department and even makes a minor foray into Ariège. The Pays Cathare PGI stretches over a large chunk of the Aude department. The designation allows wine growers to join up with an extensive range of quality agricultural produce and food products under the umbrella brand Aude/Pays Cathare. The brand, which is owned by the Aude County Council, covers products and service providers related to agriculture, tourism and arts and crafts. It promotes values that not only identify concepts such as origin, authenticity and expertise, but also broader issues such as the environment, civic education and the local community. Wine growers have therefore chosen to link the development of their sector with the promotion of Aude as a tourist destination and through its range of local products by using the famous 12th and 13th-century castles dotted across the region as a marketing tool. All three colours of wine are made under the Pays Cathare PGI but 85% of them are reds. The extensive range of wines available illustrates the region’s authenticity and is also a permanent feature at events and mediaeval festivals where they can be tasted. 

1 100 hl 

6 Co-operative wineries 

13 Independent wineries