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Vicomté d'Aumelas

Les Trois Fontaines 34230 Le Pouget

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The region covers an area stretching from the astonishing Way of the Cross in Gignac in the North, to the pretty village of Saint Pons de Mauchiens in the South, near the ‘town of Molière’, Pézenas With Clermont l’Hérault as the main local town, the vineyards of Vicomté d’Aumelas cover a small area of undulating countryside nestled against the northern side of Aumelas plateau, along the left bank of the river Hérault. The valley, which is also referred to as the Golden Valley due to its production of white dessert grapes, is packed with humble examples of architectural heritage such as dolmens, dry stone huts, mills, chapels and fountains. There are even the remains of an optical telegraph tower invented in 1790 by Claude Chappe which has now been very sensitively restored. A castle built by the Guilhems, lords of Montpellier, overlooks it. The wines are strongly influenced by the distinctive setting of the Hérault valley where the river plays a significant part in natural temperature regulation. Many of the wines are sold in France, Northern Europe, China and the United States and virtually all of them are bottled within the area’s boundaries.

18 000 hl 

5 Co-operative wineries 

6 Independent wineries