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Coteaux de Béziers

Coopérative Terroirs et Garrigues 

23 route de Béziers 

 34490 Corneilhan 

+33 (0)67 37 71 63

Wine from the capital of wine

 Bordered by the Mediterranean sea in the South, the Coteaux de Béziers stretch over Villafranchian terraces to the North of the city from where the cathedral can be seen. An amazing collection of 19th century town houses designed by many renowned architects harks back to the town’s rich wine growing past. From further back in history, Béziers also boasts wonderful examples of religious architecture from the Romanesque and Gothic periods, including a cathedral overlooking the Orb valley. A contemporary twist has been given to the cathedral to create the Coteaux de Béziers PGI’s emblem. As the birthplace of Pierre-Paul Riquet, the town is also home to two of the Canal du Midi’s most famous structures: the bridge-canal and the monumental series of locks known as the Neuf Ecluses. The vineyards are located between the Libron, a river flowing from the foothills of the Cévennes to Mediterranean, and the river Orb. Their wines are enjoyed, amongst others, by the aficionados who meet up every summer for the Feria, one of the most popular events in the South of France. 

20 000 hl

 3 Co-operative wineries 

21 Independent wineries