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Coteaux du Pont du Gard

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The Roman bridge transporting water to Nîmes has lent its name to a wine region stretching from Bagnols sur Cèze to Sommières, via Nîmes - just like the aqueduct itself. An extensive area of vineyards fans out from the Pont du Gard - a monument two thousand years old - from the shores of the Mediterranean to the border with Ardèche, and from the lagoons of the Petite Camargue to Pont Saint-Esprit, via the banks of the Rhône. The region is home to an exceptionally rich cultural heritage, boasting not only the world heritage site, the Pont du Gard, but also the Roman city of Nîmes; the Duchy of Uzès; Beaucaire, a town with strong links to the arts, history and waterways; and Sommières, a market town since the Middle Ages. Most of the soils are limestone but are nevertheless extremely diverse. They range from coarse-grained yellow stone known as Pont du Gard stone, to white and hard limestone along the garrigue-clad plateaux, and blond limestone from Uzès. Along the banks of the Rhône or the coastal rivers, the soils are covered with pebbles transported by water; elsewhere, the land is strewn with dazzling white stones, or silt which gives the soil a yellowish tone and oxidised clay turns a red-brown colour. The climate is Mediterranean, it is unforgiving, with hot, dry summers. The Mistral wind is often powerful and alternates with sea breezes which can cause torrential rainfall in the Autumn. COTEAUx 

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