Taste - Languedoc Wines

Taste We invite you into the heart of matters and to embark on a wine-tasting tour of the Languedoc AOCs!


The beautiful blue Mediterranean sky, a delightful grassy spot bathed in the sun of the Languedoc countryside, a pretty table cloth, a glass and tasty-looking local dishes for an improvised picnic, all enough for savouring a bottle of wine...  

Yet, what a shame if the cork-screw damages the stopper, if the wine is just a shade too warm and if the wine-type does not suit the dishes at hand!
So, let us give you some practical advice to enable you to better appreciate Languedoc AOC wines: purchasing advice (Where to buy wine?  How to read a label?), preservation advice (Under what conditions?  How long can the wines be kept?) and tasting advice (the various analysing phases to define a wine’s colour, aroma and flavour). Then will follow a presentation of the various Languedoc AOC wines and a selection of award-winning vintages. Tips will then be given to help you combine each Languedoc wine with the relevant dishes, followed by various local recipes to cap it all. 

Finally, the Languedoc business directory will enable you to find the various Languedoc AOC vintages and to meet up with those men and women who produce them.

We wish you pleasant learning and good tasting !