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The CIVL The CIVL, serving the Languedoc AOCs


Wine production in the region is parcelled into a multitude of human size vineyards.  The same may be said for the marketing, developed in the production areas and aimed at specific areas of consumption.  The
wine sector has gradually organised itself into associations, syndicates, cooperatives etc and has seen the emergence of professional groups in production and trade.

Gradually, with the formation of these groups, a tradition of dialogue also developed among them. The groups of professionals understood that long-term solutions were required in the interests of everyone including
the final customers, the consumers. A permanent dialogue among groups of operators became necessary and this consensus required a framework. It was thus that joint trade organisations were gradually created, with the guidance of the state.

The joint trade organisations are state approved private organisations assembling partners from the entire chain of production in particular product sectors: producers, transformers and distributors.

In France, there are about 20 joint trade organisations in the wine sector covering more than 90% of production.  These all form part of a federation called the Comité National des Interprofessions des Vins à
appellation d’origine (CNIV). Likewise, sector organisations exist for different products, in different shapes and forms throughout all of the European union countries.  The tasks and objectives of these
organisations include fulfilment of European regulations and the harmonious development of sectors in the interest of all partners.

Within this framework, the CIVL (the joint trade Council of the wines of Languedoc) was created in 1994 in order to represent the entire Languedoc AOC wines sector.

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